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Our Services

Aqua Prep based in Melbourne, Australia offers a wide range of high pressure water jetting and hydro demolition services to industries such as construction, infrastructure, and demolition. Due to our advanced hydro demolition equipment, years of experience, and professionalism, we are a leading company in Australia offering industrial construction and demolition services to the growing industries.

We have a high level of expertise in Hydro Demolition, High Pressure Water Jetting & Water Blasting, Hydro Scabbling, Cold Cutting, and Industrial Coatings and Surface Protection services Australia wide.

Our services like High Pressure Water Jetting and Hydro Demolition services are designed for any big and small scale projects. At Aqua Prep we always aim to deliver the highest quality industrial water blasting, Hydro Demolition, Industrial coating and surface protection solutions to satisfy our customers around Australia.

Hydro Demolition: Hydro demolition is a proficient, cost-effective, and precise method that eliminates deteriorated concrete, asphalt, and grout with high-pressure water. Additionally, it assists in providing a highly bondable surface for predominant results. 

Industrial Coating & Surface Protection: Surface preparation is essential for restoration and industrial coating projects, therefore, Aqua Prep uses the latest advanced robotic technology to swiftly and accurately prepare the surfaces of tanks, marine vessels, bridges and large steel or concrete structures like stadiums or scaffolding.

High Pressure Water Jetting & Water Blasting: High pressure water jetting or water blasting is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to clean unwanted residues that builds up on various surfaces. Aqua Prep has a range of advanced pumps and manual and robotic equipment to carry out high pressure water jetting work, exerting pressures from 4,000psi to 40,000psi.