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Resources & Equipment

Aqua Prep use the latest technology with robotic cutting equipment and demolition equipment from Aqua Jet, Metco, Hammelmann and Stoneage. Our pumps range in pressure from 10,000 to 40,000 psi (800-2700 bar) and, where possible, Aqua Prep prefers the use of automated systems and robots ensuring safer, more efficient and better-quality outcomes.

Our highly skilled team of professionals work with clients across Australia and internationally where required. If we don’t have what you need, we have the team and expertise to develop a solution for you.


We have a fleet of high and ultra high pressure pumps ranging from 128 litres per minute @ 1400 Bar to 37 litres per minute @ 2500Bar for cutting, cleaning, demolishing and removing.  We have on many occasions joined pumps to provide the required horsepower to achieve our outcomes. In addition to these pumps, we have vacuum units, Aqua Cutter Robots, a spider jet, circle cutter and other specialised tools.

Vacuum Trucks

Our Vacuum Trucks allow Aqua Prep to remove water and debris from our work area quickly and safely.  The 5-inch hose allows for most product to be vacuumed up to 50m. We can then simultaneously dump the water and debris into a truck, bin, skip or bund to easily manage and dispose of the product.

Aqua Cutter - Hydro Demolition Robots

Many years ago Aqua Prep chose to partner with Metco and Aqua Jet to support our push for greater automation and use of robotic hydro demolition equipment. Since then we have grown our fleet to be the best reasourced hydro demolition contractor in Australia with the 710 and 410 Evolution Robots, the Ergo, and Aqua Spine robots. 

From these base units we can carryout small and large scale hydro demolition or hydro scabbling in almost any environment (even underwater) and any location.  

we have built a core hole attachment, we have carried ourt cold cutting off the 710 robot and built the 5D hydro demolition head for a project at Kooragang Island (Newcastle) for Port Warratah Coal. 


Spider Jets

The Spiderjet® 3000 attaches to the work surface by vacuum which at the same time suctions off the removed waste material and wastewater. The Spiderjet can be used on tanks, ships or other large metal structures.

Scabbling Heads

The scabbling head is generally attached to the Aqua Cutter or Aqua Spine to expose the aggregate within the concrete, allowing for new concrete to be cast with the existing structure.

Parapet Beams

For the side and underside of wharfs and bridges, the Parapet Beam enables remote demolition or scabbling without the need for costly scaffolding or access.

Through hydraulically moveable Beams, the Parapet Beam attachment allows the Aqua Cutter robot to perform concrete demolition operations under bridges, outside the parapet beam.  Aqua Prep is the only company in Australia to own the under-bridge extension. The attachment allows us to demolish or scabble concrete up to 3.5m down any edge, or up to 2.5m back under a bridge or wharf.

Circle Cutters

Aqua Prep has used its circle cutter for opening tanks and cutting piles. It can be easily mounted using magnets or more complex jigs and brackets. The main benefit is that we can safely cut holes from 100mm diameter to 1400mm with the same simple set up. It’s quick, easy and safe, and particularly useful for degassing tanks or wherever there is as an explosion risk.

Water Treatment Plant

Aqua Prep has been developing our Hydro Demolition Waste Management System for many years. The primary functions include solid, slurry and water separation followed by pH reduction and clarification with discharge to sewer, storm water or beneficial re-use. 

We’ve designed and built our own hook skid mounted water treatment system that allows for solids separation through purpose built 6 cubic metre bins, slurry removal on our purpose built 30,000l hook lift tank and final pH reduction and clarification through its hook lift skid mounted self-powered system. 

Aqua Prep has successfully treated over 100,000 litres in a single day using this system with total suspended solids less than 3kgs per 100,000l, water clarity under 15NTU and pH neutral.

This is a massive step forward in reducing waste costs while benefitting the environment.