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About Us

Aqua Prep are the Leaders of Change & Innovation for the Safety of People & the  Environment in Australia due to our range of environmentally friendly high pressure water  jetting & water blasting services across the industrial construction industry.  

Aqua Prep Australia specialises in high pressure water jetting and water blasting for Hydro  Demolition (concrete demolition), Scabbling, Surface Preparation and a comprehensive  range of construction, demolition and treatment services. Our main goal is to smoothly  execute hydro demolition projects in a way which is safe and efficient.  

While the primary method for implementing these processes is largely reliant on High  Pressure Water Jetting and Water Blasting, the correct water pressure setting, and  advanced machinery and equipment is essential in order to achieve accurate results. Aqua  Prep ensures that all the correct methods are in place to ensure an environmentally friendly  industrial construction project.  

The Aqua Prep Surface Preparation, Hydro Demolition and Industrial Cleaning utilises the  latest technology in water jetting ranging from 4,000 up to 40,000psi in high pressure  settings and blasting. Combined with state-of-the-art robotic equipment, we are able to  access difficult locations, minimise operator fatigue, while achieving a safe working  environment and increased productivity. These advantages have led us to become the best  rated industrial construction demolition company in Australia. 

Our Values

Safety and Health

Aqua Prep provides an environment where all staff, contractors and clients can do their work  safely knowing that we are using our high pressure water jetting systems, procedures and  methodologies to reduce risks of hydro demolition. 


Foster a workplace that is fun, inclusive and allows all staff to feel like they are heard,  enabling our team to carry out all industrial construction hydro demolition jobs to perfection.  .


Actively build positive long-term relationships with our industrial construction clients in  Australia, our staff and suppliers creating a win-win for all.


Identify, develop and implement new technologies into the high pressure water jetting and  hydro demolition industries. Aqua Prep in Australia continually strives for a better way of  doing industrial construction demolition for our staff, clients and the environment. 


To create a sustainable hydro demolition business that relies on its people, processes and  clients to collectively carry the load, now and in the future. 


Our Key Staff

Peter Bradford

Director / Master Water Blaster

Peter established Aqua Prep in 2012 to automate and engineer better solutions for clients with a focus on offering a safer, faster, and more efficient way to do things. Growing from running one pump with 2 guys to managing a team of 18 staff and projects all over Australia and even Singapore.

Peter has a natural ability to turn difficult issues into creative and innovative solutions. With his technical yet practical approach, Peter is regularly sought out and engaged by a variety of industries to find the answers to a diverse range of problems with recognition of this innovation as a finalist in the 2015 Worksafe Victoria Awards for “Best Solution to a Specific Workplace Health and Safety Issue”. 2015 Worksafe Awards video

He sees himself as a giant Panadol finding solutions to his client’s headaches. You’ve got pain, he’ll fix it! He gets excited when confronted with complex problems and finds a better, smarter, faster way to do it. He is now a proud Board Member of the Australian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (Ausjet).

Pete is proud to say Aqua Prep’s successes have been brought about by our failures and he keeps on learning.  Five years of research and development, including mistakes, disappointments, and wins along the way have given us the Water Treatment Plant for recycling hydro demo water.

If Pete doesn’t answer his phone it’s because he’s playing golf, talking about golf, dreaming about golf, or fitting his kids in around golf. He’ll call you right back though.

Matt (Matty/Big Dog) Bradford

Supervisor (not just an ordinary visor)/ leading hand, and still enjoys getting on the tools.

Hailing from Burrumbuttock, NSW, Matt has been with Aqua Prep pretty much straight out of high school in 2013. Before that, he was a farmhand, rouseabout and, chainsaw and firewood wizard.

Matt’s favourite thing about being a part of this team is the sheer diversity in the nature of the work, and the creative approach taken to complete these tasks. Being a small company, we are best able to utilise our resources to achieve our goals, without spreading ourselves thin. Every team member has his or her own background and skillset, which makes working alongside them every day bring in new ideas and solutions.

His biggest achievement at Aqua Prep is lasting over 6 years working with his big brother.

Matt lives with his wife Sara, 6-month-old son Charlie, and two fur babies (the dogs). When he’s got some free time, you'll find him either on the golf course 'three-putting', at the rifle and shotgun range, or out and about with the family camping, cutting firewood, or the occasional spot of fishing.

Nader Gayed

Chief Financial Officer

Nader was useless with his hands as a kid and his father said if he didn’t go out and get an apprenticeship he had to go to Uni. Luckily for Aqua Prep, he picked commerce as a degree as dad was also an Accountant and he thought he would at least be a good sounding board if he needed help. Now he assists Peter with the financial oversight of the business at an operational and strategic level.

He does what he does because he gets a lot of joy out of helping businesses achieve their financial and strategic goals.

Working with Peter implementing reporting disciplines that have assisted in positive outcomes for cash flow management has been an achievement. Nader’s favourite thing about working at Aqua Prep is the banter that we have with one another. He does like a chat!

Keeping fit, sports and Netflix are his favourites in his downtime.

Jake Stevens

High Pressure Water Jet Operator

After 7 years as a qualified chef, Jake decided to make the switch to construction. After driving vacuum trucks and doing industrial services work he was given the chance to jump off the trucks and into high pressure water blasting.

And that's where he’s stayed, enjoying the variety of jobs each week with different challenges. His favourite aspect of water blasting is gun work and he enjoys the Aqua Prep Boys who he says are a great crew that gel together to get things done.

Being part of Aqua Prep's first International contract was both exciting and challenging, completing the job of underwater cold cutting ahead of time, allowing a few days to explore the local way of life. Jake and Pete were laughed at by all the Singaporean locals after weeks of working in 35°C and 90% humidity! The locals gifted them with full-face balaclavas after days of sunburn on sunburn.

Jake relaxes with a game of poker, spending time with family and anything sport-related. 


Ryley Reardon

Operations Coordinator

Ryley was studying for a diploma in building and construction in 2018 which built his interest in the industry. He met Peter through some mutual friends, who was looking for someone part-time to assist him with the growing paperwork tasks for jobs.  This worked well working two days a week while studying. Two years later he’s working pretty much full time, spending time on-site and in the office as our Operations Coordinator while still juggling Uni.

Being involved in the development of the water treatment plant and seeing it evolve from discharging water to a point where we can recycle the water through our equipment has been a highlight.

Ryley’s favourite thing about working at Aqua Prep is getting to smash concrete with a robot and working with the guys he manages.  Doing interesting work that most people have never heard of makes the job feel fresh and enjoyable while getting to meet new people on jobs. 

Green Island in general was a highlight for Ryley. Nearly eight weeks with the boys working on a unique job in the Great Barrier Reef was something he will always remember but we can’t mention too many of the details!

When he’s not at work or studying, he loves going to watch the tiges play in the footy and watching old films.

Jack (Crash) Rogers

Leading Hand/ Mechanic

Jack was a diesel mechanic with K & S Freighters when the opportunity arose to work for Aqua Prep and that skill set has been invaluable to the team. 

The enjoyment from the people, company and opportunities at Aqua Prep make Jack’s day. He always surprises himself with taking on new jobs and performing and completing the jobs with little experience and great results.

Everyone at Aqua Prep gets a nickname and Jack’s came easily to the team when he managed to reverse one of the utes into a pole. Luckily, he has more qualities than driving!

If there is a video, picture magazine or conversation around utes Jack is there. Actually, any vehicle is on his radar.  He loves the work utes and spends much of his down time working out how he can improve them with all sorts of additions.

Maryanne Jozic

Payroll & Accounts Payable/Crystal loving sunshine chasing blue haired pay lady

When Maryanne joined the Aqua Prep team in early 2018 it was during a phase of huge growth. It turns out that this has been a common theme as the company continues to go from strength to strength.

Maryanne has a diverse employment history, from roles in construction to security to alternative health industries, which helps to bring a holistic well-rounded approach to her work. Maryanne is great at reading people and situations and will often offer (sometimes unsolicited) out of the box solutions to situations before you even know you need them.

Maryanne appreciates an inclusive, innovative workplace where each and every member of the team feels valued and is encouraged to grow with the business, and Aqua Prep certainly embraces these things.


Interested in joining us?­­­­­

We are always looking for enthusiastic new members for our team. If you’re interested in joining us, especially if you have experience as an Industrial Services Operator, working with high pressure water jetting, please send your resume with a cover letter to