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Industrial Coating & Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is essential for restoration and industrial coating projects and while there are many methods that can be used hydro blasting is the best technique.

Hydro blasting can clear any material, including steel, stone, concrete, plastic and wood to create the perfect bonding surface before an industrial coating is applied. By using extreme pressure to force water through a nozzle, it is an environmentally friendly method of surface preparation that eliminates all dust pollution and abrasives.

Aqua Prep uses the latest advanced robotic technology to swiftly and accurately prepare the surfaces of tanks, marine vessels, bridges and large steel or concrete structures like stadiums or scaffolding.

There are four methods of hydro blasting that cover a wide range of projects.

Low-pressure water cleaning uses less than 5,000psi to clear away marine organisms or loose pieces of rust, paint, dirt and salt before the chief surface preparation and industrial coating process begins.

High pressure water cleaning uses between 5,000psi – 10,000psi is a light cleaning method which removes rust and paint in the hollows of whichever surface is being cleaned to allow our operators to see where extreme surface preparation is and isn’t needed.

High pressure water jetting is the most common method using between 10,000psi and 25,000psi to effectively strip all unwanted materials during the surface preparation process. It is commonly used for industrial coating application, when repairing or building ships and in industries like construction and manufacturing.

Ultra-high-pressure water jetting is for those stubborn jobs such as marine cleaning projects where we use between 25,000psi and 43,500psi to prepare the surface.

Aqua Prep uses a combination of water blasting guns and spider machines to offer the most comprehensive surface preparation and industrial coating service which is a non-invasive, cost effective, energy efficient and, an environmentally friendly solution.

Not only can Aqua Prep do the coating removal works we can also do the painting. In the past few years we have successfully applied epoxy coatings to Dam Gates at Schrivener Dam in Canberra, water pipelines (Cardinia), Chemical storage tanks in Footscray, Bridges in Brisbane and steel sheds in Pakenham. We own and maintain several airless paint spay systems for various coatings and applications.