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Onsite Waste Water Treatment & De-Watering

Aqua Prep has been developing our Hydro Demolition Waste Management System for many years. The primary functions include solid, slurry and water separation followed by pH reduction and clarification with discharge to sewer, storm water or beneficial re-use. 

We’ve designed and built our own hook skid mounted water treatment system that allows for solids separation through purpose built 6 cubic metre bins, slurry removal on our purpose built 30,000l hook lift tank and final pH reduction and clarification through its hook lift skid mounted self-powered system. 

Aqua Prep has successfully treated over 100,000 litres in a single day using this system with total suspended solids less than 3kgs per 100,000l, water clarity under 15NTU and pH neutral.

This is a massive step forward in reducing waste costs while benefitting the environment.