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Being an industry leader, we are continuously engaged by major clients to carry out hydro demolition, scabbling, surface preparation and shotcreting work at civil, industrial and commercial locations. Below is a small selection of our completed projects.

Green Island 


Green Island is a coral cay 27km off the shore from Cairns, Queensland, Australia located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine NationalPark World Heritage Area.

The island is surrounded by coral reef marine life and protected in the Green Island National Park. The Jetty that acts as the lifeblood of the island was built in 1960 and over the years some attempts had been made to repair and maintain it but no major repairs had been undertaken.

 Aqua Prep along with our Principal contractor SRG Global won the contract to rehabilitate the concrete deck.

A major requirement for the works was that no debris, dirty or high pH water enter or impact on the marine national park.

SRG Global engaged Aqua Prep to provide Hydro Demolition of the defective concrete on the jetty soffit.



All water and debris had to be captured, treated, and reused. We believe this to be an Australian first for full capture and reuse.

With safety and the environment a priority, Aqua Prep seized the opportunity to improve the waste water impact from the hydro demolition process. Through trial and error, research and development and a lot of determination, a complete modular system has been developed in-house over the last five years.

Aqua Prep is now able to treat Hydro Demolition Water (with a High pH and dirty) up to 100,000l per day to a standard where it can be recycled through our high-pressure pumps. We have successfully achieved water clarity under 10 NTU and 3 microns.


We mobilised our Water Treatment Plant, the High Pressure Pumps, vehicles and equipment for the 3 month project over 3,000km by road, ferry and barge to the island dealing with major restrictions due to Covid-19 along the way.

Aqua Prep’s highly skilled operators hydro demolished over 60m3 of concrete using high pressure water jet handguns.

Over 35,000 litres of water was recycled each day using the custom designed water treatment plant with no impact on our pumps and operating system.

The project was completed with zero environmental or safety incidents, within budget and on time. It was a great result given the constraints of tide, weather, environment and access, especially difficult in the middle of Covid-19 restrictions.