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Scabbling, also known as scappling, is an industrial service that removes a thin layer of concrete from specific surfaces to roughen an area or reduce the amount of concrete on a structure. It is used for surface preparation, increasing the grip, creating aesthetic appeal or preparing for repair work. Scabbling industrial services can also lift layers of concrete that have become damaged or cracked.

Hydro-scabbling creates no vibrations or oscillations ensuring the integrity of the surrounding and lower surfaces remain intact. There are many techniques available but high pressure water jetting is by far the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective service. Aqua Prep uses the latest hydro blasting robotic technology increasing precision and saving time without creating any dangerous silica dust.

Many industries can benefit from concrete hydro-scabbling industrial services. Rough surfaces can create better grip for construction vehicles like forklifts and cranes and increase efficiency and safety of workers. Materials like concrete, paints, adhesives, and contaminants can be removed before re-coating a surface. A smooth wall can be transformed into a work of art using hydro-scabbling.

It is five times faster than any other method of removing unwanted materials and creates little waste and virtually no noise pollution.

From shipyards, manufacturing plants and warehouses to restoring historic buildings or remove unwanted road markings, there are many advantages to using hydro-scabbling.