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Industrial & Tank Services

Industrial and tank services are important for cleaning various surfaces. At Aqua Prep we offer a variety of tank services as traditional methods of cleaning aren’t always viable for safety and environmental reasons. High pressure water blasting or jetting is an ideal alternative and it’s four times faster. Many industries use this technique to keep surfaces clean, but also for surface preparation and refurbishment purposes.

The best applications include tank cleaning, process line cleaning and descaling, sewerage cleaning, high pressure mowing and vacuum retrieval.

Aqua Prep offers industrial and tank services to many industries in Australia. We are particularly proud of our industrial services. We use the latest high pressure water blasting equipment to clean pipes of any size, as well as small to medium tanks and vessels. We can easily remove product and contaminates without compromising the integrity of the asset.

Clear blockages caused by silt, scale and grease build up in drains and sewers. Clean factory, laboratory, septic and other tanks without solvents reducing the chance of tank contamination. Descaling unwanted impurities on newly manufactured metal products. Clean contaminants in filters in large industrial structures to maintain effectiveness.