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Hydro Excavation Vacuuming

Aqua Prep is Melbourne’s leading company when it comes to Hydro Excavation Vacuuming or Hydrovac services. In Hydro Excavation Vacuuming service, we use high-pressure water to cut and liquefy the soil, while simultaneously using high volume vacuum to remove the soil from the excavation.

Whether you need a sewer spillage cleaned up, a sewer pipe cleaned or a sewer blockage cleared, Aqua Prep’s team of high pressure water jetting specialists can assist you. At Aqua Prep Melbourne, we have the best vacuum excavation skills and top of the line vacuum trucks available which will easily remove any unwanted materials, wet or dry, using high pressure water jetting.

Concrete slurries, grain products, brick residue, adhesives, oils, wood chips and more, we have helped a variety of industries across Australia with our Hydro Vacuum Excavation services. Aqua Prep Melbourne’s team of professional high pressure water jetting experts assess the issue to determine the best Hydro Vacuum Excavation strategy. The Cappellotto Hydro Excavation Unit is the best vacuum truck on the market and we at Aqua Prep Melbourne use it to ensure that our clients get the best  Hydro vacuum excavation services for any civil construction and concrete remediation. Once the area has been cleaned, the vacuum truck sucks out all contaminants and debris instead of pushing it further into the structure being cleared.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation Vacuuming:

  1. Minimal Risk of injury or damage
  2. Cost-effective Method
  3. Environmentally Friendly Technique
  4. No Noise Pollution or Waste
  5. Less disruptive
  6. No Damage to the utility