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Hydro Demolition in Melbourne

Today, Hydro Demolition is the most cost-effective and efficient technique for concrete demolition. It is the best method for preserving structural integrity and restoring damaged surfaces. A structure with deteriorating concrete or corroded steel reinforcing bars (rebar) can be saved effectively eliminating the need for complete concrete demolition.

With years of extensive experience in the Hydro Demolition industry, Aqua Prep in Australia is able to deliver its clients with precise programming, reduced costs and maximum safety measurements while performing concrete demolition tasks. We use high-pressure water jetting, a technique also known as hydro blasting, for the hydro demolition process. 

Through high-pressure water jetting, Aqua Prep is able to demolish and remove all types of concrete structures, asphalt, and grout. Additionally, our team consists of highly skilled and experienced personnel which makes us a successful hydro demolition company in the market. Moreover, our hydro demolition is a highly accurate technique as we make certain that surrounding structures or adjacent surfaces won’t get compromised or develop any micro-fractures during the process.

Our hydro demolition service is also considered faster than other concrete demolition methods and produces minimal noise, unlike Jackhammers which create vibrations, a large amount of debris, dust and other contaminants. We also provide various pressure level settings as well as operating methods including hand-held, frame-mounted and computer-operated, robotic hydro demolition machines, making the process accurate, versatile and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Hydro Demolition:

  1. Less Dust & Noise Pollution
  2. Cost-effective Demolition Method
  3. No damage to the surrounding surface
  4. Eliminate chances for micro-fractures in the structure
  5. Best suited for industrial or construction applications
  6. Reduced risks to the operatives
  7. Environmentally friendly technique

Hydro Demolition Robot Equipment

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