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Hydro Demolition

Hydro demolition is ideal for concrete demolition and is one of the most effective concrete demolition techniques on the market today. Hydro demolition uses high-pressure water, a technique also known as hydro blasting or water jetting, to demolish or remove concrete structures, asphalt and grout.

It is the best method for preserving structural integrity and restoring damaged surfaces. A structure with deteriorating concrete or corroded steel reinforcing bars (rebar) can be saved effectively eliminating the need for complete concrete demolition. The surrounding structures or adjacent surfaces won’t be compromised or develop micro-fractures because hydro demolition is highly accurate.

With a focus on restoration rather than demolition, high pressure water blasting removes all unwanted materials and creates the perfect bonding surface for repairs or new coating applications.

Various pressure level settings as well as operating methods including hand-held, frame mounted and computer-operated, robotic hydro demolition machines, make the process accurate, versatile and environmentally friendly.

Hydro demolition is faster than other concrete demolition methods and produces minimal noise unlike Jackhammers which create vibrations, a large amount of debris, dust and other contaminants.