Technology: Aqua Prep prides itself on its ability to adapt technology to suit any application in a bid to remove the operator from the high pressure water and the blast zone.

Dedicated Staff: Aqua Prep staff are encouraged to work with our clients to find the best solution to any problems

Reliable Equipment: Our state of the art equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by our suppliers ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Innovation in action

Port Warratah Coal – Kooragang 4 Joint Replacement

  • Aqua Prep, was engaged by Freyssinet to carry out Hydro Demolition to two construction joints that had failed after 30 years of service.
  • In what was a technical and very challenging project Aqua Prep imported a customised robot attachment to its Aqua Cutter Robot to demolish just under 40 Cubic metres in under three weeks.
  • The two joints were completely exposed measuring 2.1m high x 4m wide x 2.2m deep. With the majority of the concrete removed horizontally through the joint.

Victoria Dock: Under-Water Hydro Demolition

  • Aqua Prep was called in to cut and demolish an old concrete wharf which had fallen into 12m of water, the cuts were 7m long and 375mm thick.
  • This was after the client persisted with hydraulic chain saw methods which proved to be unsuccessful.
  • Aqua Prep pooled its resources and industry partners to adapt our process and equipment to complete the job on time, saving our client time and tens of thousands of dollars.

Pile Cutting 18m below sea level

  • Aqua Prep were engaged by Fitzgerald’s Constructions to cut 30 steel piles 3m below the sea bed (18m below water level)
  • The cuts were completed quickly and efficiently using Aqua Preps radically re designed cutting head and circle cutter.