Industrial coating | Surface preparation

Industrial Coating and Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is essential for restoration and industrial coating projects. There are many methods that can be used for surface preparation, which must be done before applying a layer of industrial coating. Hydro blasting is the best surface preparation technique. Hydro blasting can clear any material, including steel, stone, concrete, plastic and wood before an industrial coating is applied. It can also remove any unwanted blemishes. This surface preparation technique creates the perfect bonding surface for any structure that needs repairs or a new industrial coating by using extreme pressure to force water through a nozzle. It is an environmentally friendly method of surface preparation that eliminates all dust pollution and abrasives, which also makes clearing the area after a hydro blasting job easy. An industrial coating can be easily applied once adequate surface preparation is done. Aqua Prep uses the latest advanced robotic technology to swiftly and accurately remove all grime from targeted areas. We complete the perfect surface preparation work, so you can easily apply industrial coatings. Our equipment can be used for the surface preparation of tanks, marine vessels, bridges and large steel or concrete structures like stadiums or scaffolding.

Industrial coating application and surface preparation methods

There are four techniques for hydro blasting. The surface preparation job required, along with the industrial coating being applied, will determine which method is best.

  • Low-pressure water cleaning uses less than 5,000psi to clear away marine organisms or loose pieces of rust, paint, dirt and salt before the chief surface preparation and industrial coating process begins. While not considered a surface preparation technique, it is an essential step in the process as it removes the first layer of grime from the intended area.
  • High pressure water cleaning uses between 5,000psi – 10,000psi. It won’t strip the intended surface of all unwanted materials, but it removes rust and paint in the hollows of whichever surface is being cleaned. It works best as a light cleaning method before surface preparation and industrial coating takes place. By clearing away this initial layer, hydro blasting teams can see where extreme surface preparation is and isn’t needed, then adequately apply an industrial coating.
  • High pressure water jetting is the most common method for surface preparation and industrial coating. It uses between 10,000psi and 25,000psi to effectively strip all unwanted materials during the surface preparation process. It is commonly used for industrial coating application, when repairing or building ships and in industrial industries like construction and manufacturing.
  • Ultra-high-pressure water jetting is for those surface preparation and industrial coating jobs where the material being removed is extremely stubborn. This method commonly uses between 25,000psi and 43,500psi. Many marine cleaning projects require this level of pressure to adequately prepare surfaces for repairs or industrial coating.

Industrial Coating and Surface Preparation at Aqua Prep

Aqua Prep uses a combination of water blasting guns and spider machines to offer the most comprehensive surface preparation and industrial coating service. The best way to prepare a surface for industrial coating is to use all four of these techniques in varying degrees throughout a surface preparation project.

Advantages of surface preparation and industrial coating using hydro blasting

There are many advantages to using high-pressure water blasting for surface preparation before an industrial coating is applied.

  • High-pressure water blasting removes the need for abrasive blasting methods because it can clear everything. Surface preparation is easy especially if ultra-high-pressure water blasting is used.
  • It is an environmentally-friendly method of surface preparation because no dust is created during the process.
  • Materials like rubber are easier to remove than with other surface preparation methods.
  • It is a cost-effective surface preparation method because the water blasting equipment uses little energy. There are no landfill costs because little to no debris is created. This also makes it easier to apply the new industrial coating.
  • Industrial coating can be applied with ease using this effective surface preparation technique

Use Industrial coating and Surface Preparation

Using hydro blasting for surface preparation and industrial coating is the best technique on the market. It isn’t invasive, won’t damage the surface being prepared and is cost effective. Industrial coating is important for every structure to ensure longevity, but adequate surface preparation must be done first. Aqua Prep are the leaders in surface preparation in Australia. We have over five years of experience with hydro blasting and surface preparation for new industrial coating application.