Scabbling, also known as scappling, is an industrial service that removes a thin layer of concrete from specific surfaces. Scabbling industrial services are used to roughen an area or reduce the amount of concrete on a structure. There are various reasons for using scabbling industrial services on an area including surface preparation, increasing the grip, creating aesthetic appeal or preparing for repair work. Scabbling industrial services can also lift layers of concrete that have become damaged or cracked. Hydro-scabbling creates no vibrations or oscillations ensuring the integrity of the surrounding and lower surfaces remain intact. Many scabbing industrial services have a variety of techniques available. High-pressure water jetting is by far the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective scabbling industrial service. Unlike methods such as pressurised air concrete removal, hydro-scabbling doesn’t create any silica dust, which is dangerous for everyone on site. Aqua Prep uses the latest hydro blasting robotic technology increasing precision and saving time when conducting a scabbling industrial service.

Using hydro-scabbling industrial services in various industries

Many industries can benefit from concrete hydro-scabbling industrial services. Rough surfaces can create better grip for construction vehicles like forklifts and cranes, which is paramount when moving rubble. Hydro-scabbling industrial services are the best way to coarsen a surface at a construction site to increase efficiency and ensure the safety of all workers. Moreover, hydro-scabbling is perfect for surface preparation. The precision and non-invasive benefits of scabbling industrial services are difficult to ignore. Sometimes there are various materials like concrete, paints, adhesives, and contaminants that must be removed before re-coating a surface. Hydro-blasting can clear material from small crevices, so grouting and sealing jobs can be completed with ease. The architectural industry may use hydro-scabbling for decorative purposes. A smooth wall can be transformed into a work of art using this technique. Hydro-scabbling is environmentally friendly and creates little waste products. It is also five times faster than any other method at removing unwanted materials. Aqua Prep has the latest technology to ensure the safety of all personnel on site, but also to ensure every scabbling job is completed with maximum accuracy.

The many advantages of hydro-scabbling

Hydro-scabbing has many applications. It can be used in industrial areas like shipyards, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Municipalities can also use it to help restore historic buildings or remove unwanted road markings. There are many advantages to using hydro-scabbling.

  • Hydro-scabbling is cost-effective. You won’t need to pay landfill fees because this technique produces little waste.
  • It has many applications like surface preparation for refurbishment purposes, creating aesthetic appeal on otherwise dull structures, or roughening areas at construction sites to increase machinery gripping.
  • Hydro-scabbling creates safer working environments and is environmentally friendly because harmful contaminants like silica dust aren’t released in the process.
  • There is virtually no noise pollution created by this process, so surrounding areas, like business parks or warehouses, won’t be disturbed.
  • Hydro blasting or high-pressure water jetting doesn’t create vibrations. This protects the integrity of underlying surfaces and prevents micro-fractures.


Trust Aqua Prep with your hydro-scabbling industrial service needs

Hydro-scabbling is essential for all surface preparation jobs. It efficiently removes the top layer of concrete and other materials without causing any structural damage to the desired surface and its surrounds. High-pressure water blasting creates little pollution. Hydro-scabbling has many applications and is useful in multiple industries. Aqua Prep have been expertly removing unwanted concrete and materials since 2012 using hydro-scabbling industrial services. Our advanced high-pressure water jetting equipment efficiently prepares any surface for refurbishment. We have worked in many industries using our innovative hydro-scabbling skills.