Industrial Coating

Industrial Coating

Industrial coating is an essential process ensuring the longevity of any materials used in large structures like ships, bridges or stadiums. Sometimes these industrial coatings get old and need replacing. Completely removing the outdated layer is crucial when adding a new industrial coating. High pressure water jetting or water blasting is the best method to prepare surfaces for industrial coating. The force generated by using high pressure water jetting removes the film or material from a variety of surfaces, while being gentle enough not to damage the infrastructure. At Aqua Prep we tailor high pressure water jetting packages to meet your industrial coating requirements. We can clean surfaces like membranes, elastomeric, rubber and urethane using our advanced high pressure water jetting equipment. The surface is then ready for industrial coating. There are many kinds of industrial coatings and methods of application. Aqua Prep is able to remove any of these industrial coatings in preparation of re-application.

Why use industrial coatings and high pressure water jetting?

Industrial coatings have many purposes, but the main one is to protect the material, like steel and concrete, underneath it from corrosion and other damage. Industrial coatings can also be used to make these protected materials more resistant to fires and water damage. Industrial coatings use polymers like urethane. These can be difficult to remove if a structure needs a re-coat. High pressure water jetting or water blasting is the best method for removing industrial coatings. It creates little dust or debris and won’t impact the integrity of the structure being cleaned. Water blasting effectively removes all coatings and abrasions so the new industrial coatings will last longer.

Types of industrial coating

There are a wide range of industrial coatings used in many industries from manufacturing and construction to shipping. The latest non-stick coating combines stainless steel and an industrial coating to increase durability. It melds with the material being sprayed making it one of the toughest industrial coatings on the market. Other industrial coatings are organic, inorganic or metallic. Dip galvanising, diffusion coating, anodising and electro plating are all metallic forms of industrial coating. Paint and varnish are examples of organic coatings, while porcelain is an inorganic industrial coating. The type of industrial coating used depends on the project. Industrial coatings are designed to adhere to surfaces without being easily removed. Ultra high pressure water jetting or water blasting is the best way to remove an industrial coating that is outdated or needs reapplying. Aqua Prep uses a range of high-pressure water jetting equipment to efficiently remove any unwanted material from any surface without causing damage. Our high pressure water jetting methods can remove the toughest industrial coating layers when necessary.

Advantages of using high pressure water jetting to remove industrial coating

There are many benefits to using high-pressure water jetting or water blasting.

  • It is cost effective because little waste is produced and high-pressure water jetting equipment uses relatively low energy.
  • The whole high-pressure water blasting process is environmentally friendly and won’t damage the areas surrounding the structure being prepared for a new industrial coating.
  • High-pressure water jetting equipment is extremely accurate, so it will only clear the targeted areas.
  • No vibrations or oscillations are created when using high-pressure water blasting, so you can easily apply a new industrial coating.


Industrial coatings are necessary for longevity

Industrial coatings are designed to be durable, but sometimes structures need a re-coating. Applying a new industrial coating directly over an old one is ineffective. Aqua Prep will remove all industrial coatings from any surface to adequately prepare it for a new coat. Our high pressure water jetting or water blasting equipment will easily remove any unwanted materials without damaging the surrounding areas or creating waste. Once adequate surface preparation has been conducted, the new industrial coating can be applied to the area. High pressure water jetting is a versatile technique that can help with everything from surface preparation to concrete demolition. Increase the longevity of your structure using industrial coatings.