Hydro Demolition (Concrete Demolition)

Hydro Demolition (Concrete Demolition)

Hydro demolition is ideal for concrete demolition. It is one of the most effective concrete demolition techniques on the market today. Hydro demolition uses high-pressure water, a technique also known as hydro blasting or water jetting, to demolish or remove concrete structures, asphalt and grout. Hydro demolition is the best method for preserving structural integrity and restoring damaged surfaces. A structure with deteriorating concrete or corroded steel reinforcing bars (rebar) can be saved effectively eliminating the need for complete concrete demolition. Sturdy, concrete structures where vibration is a concern can undergo concrete demolition using hydro demolition. The surrounding structures or adjacent surfaces won’t be compromised or develop micro-fractures because hydro demolition is highly accurate. It uses high-pressure water blasting to effectively remove all unwanted materials. Hydro demolition creates the perfect bonding surface for repairs or new coating applications with a greater focus on restoration than concrete demolition. Hydro demolition was developed in Europe in the 1970s and has become a widespread method for concrete removal. Australia has been using high pressure water jetting for more than 20 years with much success.

The technical side of hydro demolition (concrete demolition)

Hydro demolition makes use of high pressure water jetting equipment to accurately remove concrete for the purpose of corrections, repairs and removal. Advanced water jets release water under high pressure; hence, the name hydro demolition. This technique is called water jetting. There are various pressure level settings as well as operating methods including hand-held, frame mounted and computer-operated, robotic hydro demolition machines. The method of operation chosen depends on the size of the project, the targeted area and what must be preserved in the surrounding area. Hydro demolition can be used to remove entire or partial concrete structures. It can also be used to prepare surfaces for repairs or new coatings. Hydro demolition doesn’t produce vibrations making it the most effective method for concrete removal. Protecting the other surfaces is just as important, if not more so, when conducting concrete demolition. Hydro demolition will safely remove all unwanted materials, while protecting the structure from damage.

The many applications of hydro demolition (concrete demolition)

Hydro demolition is used for concrete repairs and removal in varying environments. It is used on damaged structures and secure ones depending on the work that must be done. Hydro demolition is the most effective way to remove entire concrete structures like stadiums and parking structures. If partial concrete demolition is required, hydro demolition or high-pressure water jetting can accurately remove the desired area without causing damage to the surrounding structure or environment. There are other applications for hydro demolition including concrete preparation and surface scarification, also known as scabbling. It can also be used for preparing and correcting surfaces on ships, tanks and other such structures. If a structure requires maintenance such as cleaning, hydro demolition methods work best because the water pressure is adjustable and accurate. Hydro demolition is the most versatile method for removing concrete and cleaning surfaces. It is the most environmentally-friendly method as hydro demolition creates little toxic waste

Advantages of using hydro demolition (concrete demolition)

  • Hydro demolition is faster than other concrete demolition methods because the high pressure water blasting equipment swiftly removes all unwanted material.
  • The accuracy of hydro demolition techniques means only the unwanted concrete from the targeted area will be removed.
  • Hydro demolition is safe and protects the surrounding surfaces without causing damage or micro fractures.
  • If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly way to conduct concrete demolition, then hydro demolition is the answer. It produces little toxic waste while accurately performing concrete demolition.
  • Hydro demolition produces minimal noise, so won’t disturb the surrounding areas.
  • Concrete demolition can be used to clean internal structures and re-enforce steel bars.
  • If a concrete structure requires re-concreting, hydro demolition techniques are the best method of preparing those surfaces.
  • Jackhammers create vibrations and a large amount of debris, dust and other contaminants. Hydro demolition eliminates all this.

Hydro Demolition (concrete demolition) is Best

Hydro demolition is the most effective method for partial or complete concrete removal. It is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and accurate Aqua Prep provides reliable hydro demolition services in Australia and have done so for more than five years. Hydro demolition is effective for large- or small-scale projects. Our team of professional concrete demolition experts will work with you to develop the best plan for your cleaning or removal project.