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Aqua Prep Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck

Whether you need a sewer spillage cleaned up, a sewer pipe cleaned or a sewer blockage cleared, our team of high pressure water jetting specialists can assist you. At Aqua Prep, we have the best vacuum excavation skills and vacuum truck. Our vacuum truck will easily remove any unwanted materials using high pressure water jetting. Performing adequate vacuum excavation is best left to the professionals. Our vacuum truck can clear away a variety of unwanted materials, wet or dry, that include concrete slurries, grain products, brick residue, adhesives, oils, woodchips and more. We have helped a variety of industries with our vacuum excavation services. Our team of professional high pressure water jetting experts will assess all sewer pipes and spillages to determine the best vacuum excavation strategy. The Cappellotto Hydro Excavation Unit is the best vacuum truck on the market. We use it to ensure our clients get the best vacuum excavation money can buy. Aqua Prep’s vacuum excavation services and vacuum truck are a natural extension of growth into the civil construction and concrete remediation markets in Australia.

Our Hydro Vacuum Truck

We use the Cappellotto Hydro Excavation Unit model CAP Combi 2600CC 6×4. It is the latest vacuum truck. We have used it to help civil crews with vacuum excavation, so they can easily repair any damages. The CAP Combi 2600 can do non-destructive digging, which is the perfect addition to our high pressure water jetting and hydro demolition capabilities. Our vacuum truck has a high velocity vacuum of 2600CC. It makes light work of concrete debris and has a 7 tonne payload.

The Features of our Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck

Here are a few of the amazing features of our vacuum truck:

  •  It has a Volvo FE 320 6×4 Euro chassis with an I-shift two pedal transmission giving it more power and making it easy to maneuverer.
  • The Hibon blower can conduct work at 2,822m3/hr while the vacuum pump has a max vacuum of 95% (29”Hg).
  • The CAP Combi 2600 has a hydro excavation system can clear 17lt/min and uses 4,061psi to adequately remove or clear all unwanted materials.
  • It has a sludge tank with a capacity of 8,000L that is made from Corten corrosion resistant steel for maximum protection against dangerous materials.
  • The water tank is made of the same material and has a capacity of 4,000L.
  • Our hydro vacuum truck has a wireless control for ease of operation and has an extension arm that reaches 3.8-4.8m from the centre of the vehicle.
  • The vacuum truck suction boom is around 150mm dia and has a 6m hose. The vacuum will automatically turn off when the tank is full with wet products. It also has a wet filtration cyclone with an overflow shut off device.
  • Our vacuum excavation truck emits sounds lower than 85dB(A) at 1m within the working RPM range and operational area.
  • The engine power is transferred mechanically by a V-belt and pneumatic clutches, which is the most efficient and reliable drive system available.
  • The CAP Combi 2600 also has air vacuum excavation capabilities, so you can remove all harmful gases from the area before starting with clean-up.
  • We also have an optional overhead vacuum excavation hose and sludge transfer pump system.

Combo Cleaning with Aqua Prep’s vacuum Truck

Our combo cleaning services are exceptional. We can easily clear all unwanted materials from any sewer or storm water pipe with our state-of-the-art vacuum truck. It uses high pressure water jetting, which is not only safe for the environment, but also ensures the integrity of the structure being cleaned remains intact. Once the area has been cleaned, the vacuum truck sucks out all contaminants and debris instead of pushing it further into the structure being cleared. Often times, vacuum excavation is used when a blockage or spillage has already happened, but it can also be used to prevent such situations. Contact Aqua Prep today to find out more about our vacuum truck and vacuum excavation services. We can help clean and clear all sewers and pipes, as well as determine the best ways to prevent it from happening again.