Cold cutting

Cold cutting

Cold Cutting with a Cold Cut Saw

Cold cutting is the process of cutting steel, plastic, concrete and other hard materials without using any heat from a torch or open flame. A cold cut saw is often used for this process. Cold Cutting with a Cold Cut Saw is a cost effective and safe alternative to traditional hot cutting methods. This is particularly true when there are chemicals and explosive vapours involved. Using cold cutting methods, especially with a cold cut saw, removes the need for degassing allowing surfaces to be re-welded in a shorter time. Aqua Prep has completed cold cutting in many different environments from sewers to petrochemical plants using our latest cold cutting saw. We have even conducted cold cutting projects underwater for ships and rigs out at sea. Our latest remote-controlled water jetting Cold Cut Saw delivers the perfect ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting for any cold cutting project. We use a water containing an added abrasive mixture to the Cold Cut Saw head, which increases precision and makes Cold Cutting safer.

Why a Cold Cut Saw for Cold Cutting?

In the past, many serious accidents occurred while using hot cutting techniques to repair various structures like gas pipelines and sewers. Hydrocarbons tend to build up in these areas. They are extremely flammable making pipeline repairs and modifications difficult to achieve with traditional methods. Cold cutting using a cold cut saw effectively eliminates these dangers and is often more efficient than hot cutting. Cold cutting is safer for all personnel working in the environment. The cold cut saw also produces less hazardous waste, so it environmentally friendly. Cold cutting using a cold cut saw reduces the time needed to effectively clean a pipeline and other such structures. This is crucial for maintaining services to the wider community. Cold cutting is cost effective as work can be done faster, there are fewer injuries and the risk of damage to the area being cleaned is cut in half. No heat is created when cold cutting with a cold cut saw, which preserves the metallurgy of any material being cut. Moreover, it can be used for surface preparation projects where welding of new steel is required.

Benefits of Cold Cutting with a Cold Cut Saw

There are many reasons why Cold Cutting using a Cold Cut Saw is a better method than more traditional material cutting techniques.

1. Cold Cutting is environmentally friendly

Hot cutting methods increase the chances of fires and explosions, unlike a cold cut saw. If a pipeline containing hazardous gas were to explode, the dangerous materials would be released not the atmosphere. This would not only destroy the surrounding areas but could also threaten the lives of people in that area. Cold cutting using a high pressure water blasting cold cut saw is safe for the environment because it removes all possibilities of explosions. It also produces little hazardous waste. Aqua Prep has the latest cold cutting technology that gets the work done while protecting the environment.

2. A Cold Cut Saw prevents HAZ

HAZ means heat affected zone. HAZ occurs when hot cutting techniques like plasma are used on a surface. The area where heat is applied gets damaged requiring extra work to smooth the affected areas. In most cases, the molecular structure of the metal is broken down when using hot cutting methods. Cold cutting with a cold cut saw circumvents this problem. Cold cutting doesn’t create HAZ thus eliminating the need for grinding. This saves time and money as it cuts out a step in the welding or steel replacement process. It also increases the safety of the workers.

3. A Cold Cut Saw is fast and safe

When repairing or cleaning pipelines, time is a critical factor. Cold cutting is a fast and reliable technique. It reduces the amount of time needed to complete such jobs. Aqua Prep uses a cold cut saw to increase the speed at which cold cutting projects can be completed.

Cold Cutting with a Cold Cut Saw at Aqua Prep

Cold cutting is the most effective way to repair pipelines. A cold cut saw will protect the integrity of all materials being cut while accurately separating any materials. Cold cutting is environmentally friendly, quick and precise. Aqua Prep has more than five years of quality cold cutting experience. Our advanced cold cut saw is reliable and safe.