Anode installation/ cathodic protection

Anode Installation/Cathodic Protection

Aqua Prep works with industry partners to deliver state of the art anode installation/cathodic protection systems for clients in multiple industries. We can prepare and install the DuoGuard Hybrid anode system or the traditional galvanic anode system depending on our client’s requirements. We investigate and provide turnkey solutions to meet your anode installation/cathodic protection needs. Anode installation/cathodic protection methods are used to prevent damage caused by corrosion, especially in the shipping and other ocean related industries. Steel and aluminium are materials commonly used in structures such as pipelines, ships and tank. These two metals can interact with one another. This coupled with salt from the ocean speeds up corrosion. Anode installation/Cathodic protection prevents corrosion from occurring by converting anodic sites to cathodic ones on the surface of the metal. This is done with electrical currents. Both the galvanised and DuoGuard Hybrid anode installation/cathodic protection systems prevent corrosion.

Anode installation/cathodic protection methods

Anode installation/cathodic protection is essential for staving off the ravages of corrosion. There are three main methods for cathodic protection namely galvanised, impressed current and Hybrid. Aqua Prep are skilled in both the galvanised anode system, a more traditional method of anode installation/cathodic protection, and the DuoGuard Hybrid anode system.

1. The Galvanised anode installation/cathodic protection system

Galvanic anode installation/cathodic protection systems are a more passive form of cathodic protection. A piece of metal that is electrochemically active is attached to metal surfaces that are the most vulnerable to corrosion. Zinc or magnesium anodes are frequently used in galvanised systems. Anode lines can be parallel or perpendicular to the pipeline in which they are being installed. Aqua Prep are skilled at installing such anode systems for anode installation/cathodic protection. It’s important for a galvanised anode system to have no voids. This will prevent anode backfiring. There are multiple factors to consider when installing a galvanised anode system such as electrolyte resistivity and whether the metal used for the pipe or other structures is cheap. Aqua Prep performs extensive investigations before recommending the best anode installation/cathodic protection system for our clients.

2. Impressed current anode installation/cathodic protection systems

Impressed current anode installation/cathodic protection typically uses a connected DC power source and can be used with alternate power sources like solar and wind power as well as gas powered generators. Anodes for this system vary in shape from tubular rods to continuous ribbons. Most impressed current anode systems use various materials like graphite, silicon cast iron and platinum. The anode installation/cathodic protection project required will dictate the anode type chosen.

3. Hybrid anode installation/cathodic protection systems

Hybrid anode installation/cathodic protection systems are the best option for cathodic protection as they incorporate the benefits of impressed current systems with those of galvanised anode systems. The DuoGurad Hybrid anode installation/cathodic protection is a discrete anode system that stops erosion within seven days of being installed. It can save concrete affected by erosion circumventing the need for repairs and concrete replacement. It is more cost-effective form of anode installation/cathodic protection because it’s faster acting and maintenance free. There are two main forms of corrosion that can occur in structures reinforced with steel, namely chloride induced and carbonation induced. Aqua Prep can prepare and install the DuoGuard Hybrid anode system to ensure complete anode installation/cathodic protection.

Anode Installation/Cathodic Protection is critical

Anode installation/cathodic protection is paramount for all large, industrial structures. Anode installation/cathodic protection will increase the longevity of your structures. Corrosion occurs in all structures over time, even those where the best materials were used. This is particularly true for structures out at sea. Anode installation/cathodic protection will stop corrosion. The best method for your structure largely depends on size and location.

Anode installation/cathodic protection at Aqua Prep

Aqua Prep has more than five years of anode installation/cathodic protection experience. Our experts will ensure you get the best anode system to prevent corrosion. Anode installation/cathodic protection is the safest way to protect your structures.