Kooragang Island

Aqua Prep, was engaged by Freyssinet to carry out Hydro Demolition of two construction joints at the Port Warratah Coal Ship Loading facility at Kooragang Island (Newcastle) the joints had failed had failed after 30 years of service. and required demolition leaving only the top and bottom layers of reinforcing.

In what was a technical and very challenging project Aqua Prep imported a customised robot attachment to its Aquacutter Robot from Sweden, this combined with two of our high pressure water jet pumps demolished just under 40 Cubic metres in under three weeks. The two joints were completely exposed measuring 2.1m high x 4m wide x 2.2m deep.

In what is believed to be a world first the joints were demolished horizontally using the robot and some tidy up with hand lances to effect the breakout.Aqua Prep was proud to join Freyssinet and PWCS (Port Warratah Coal Services) inn this challenging but ultimately successful project.