Welding & Steel Replacement

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Welding & steel replacement are essential within any concrete repair project. Using high pressure water blasting or jetting to remove unwanted concrete from steel structures to ascertain what repairs must be made is essential. At Aqua Prep, we have advanced high-pressure water jetting equipment to remove any unwanted materials. We then assess the underlying structure and efficiently repair any damaging. Welding and steel replacement is sometimes necessary in structures that have been standing for many years or are undergoing expansion. Our certified welders have years of experience and can complete any steel replacement and welding job regardless of scale.

Different methods for Welding & Steel Replacement

Welding & steel replacement are sometimes necessary for aging structures. There are multiple ways to effectively weld or replace steel in structures. Aqua Prep has a professional team who will determine the best welding & steel replacement methods for your structure. We will perform adequate surface preparation using our high pressure water blasting or jetting equipment before beginning a welding & steel replacement project.

1. Shearing for Welding & Steel Replacement

This is a cutting action that uses two blades to cut along a straight line in order to separate metal. Shearing equipment is often referred to as squaring shears. This welding and steel replacement method is usually used to create blanks.

2. Welding & and Steel Replacement with Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is the process of raising the temperature of the desired material to ignition point. Usually an oxy-fuel gas flame is used. Steel can then be separated or reshaped. This welding method is sometimes called oxy-fuel cutting. It is best for steel replacement applications as it easily separates any unwanted steel from damaged structures.

3. Plasma cutting for welding & Steel Replacement

Plasma cutting developed as a technique in the 1960s when welders realised how effectively it cuts and separates sheet metal. It is used on materials that are electrically conductive. Plasma cutting is one of the easiest welding methods to employ especially in steel replacement projects.

4. Welding & Steel Replacement with Cold Forming

Cold-formed steel is most often used in the construction industry for everything from support beams to floor decking. As the name suggests, this steel is not heated, but rather undergoes cold-working processes like rolling, pressing and bending to form the required steel structures or parts. Cold forming is a welding technique that is best used for preparing steel replacement materials. Welding is good method for connecting newly cold-formed steel.

The welding procedure chosen depends on a variety of factors. Cracking is avoided by pre-heating the metal before welding begins, using material with little hydrogen, and ensuring all surfaces are dry and clean. Aqua Prep uses their high-pressure water blasting equipment to adequately prepare steel for welding. We also use cold cutting as this is the safest, most environmentally friendly method for welding and steel replacement projects. Cold cutting prevents HAZ on all materials being prepared for welding. This method of surface preparation doesn’t create cracks and won’t impact the integrity of surrounding materials.

Welding & Steel Replacements with Aqua Prep

Aqua Prep has a team of skilled welders ready to combat any welding or steel replacement project. They can assist with everything including steel installation, steel replacements and repairs and assorted steel installations. We use our high-pressure water jetting equipment for satisfactory surface preparation before tackling any welding or steel replacement project. Our team knows the best welding technique to use for each project they work on. Cold cutting with ultra-high-pressure water blasting is the safest method and one we actively employ when preparing surfaces for repairs and replacement.