Industrial Services

Industrial Services – High Pressure water blasting and Tank Services

Industrial cleaning of various surfaces is important. At Aqua Prep we offer a variety of cleaning tank services. Traditional methods of cleaning aren’t always viable for safety and environmental reasons. High pressure water blasting or jetting is an ideal alternative. Many industries use this technique to keep surfaces clean, but also for surface preparation purposes. The best applications include tank cleaning, process line cleaning and descaling, sewerage cleaning, high pressure mowing and vacuum retrieval. Aqua Prep offers industrial services to many industries in Australia. We are particularly proud of our tank services. We use the latest high pressure water blasting equipment to adequately clean or prepare any surface for refurbishment. We can easily remove unwanted concrete from steel structures without compromising the integrity of the surrounding areas.

The different applications of high pressure water blasting industrial and tank services

There are many applications for high-pressure water blasting. Aqua Prep is capable of performing all industrial services relating to cleaning, maintaining and repairing various structures.

1. High pressure water blasting for sewerage and drain cleaning

Municipalities and other industries can use high-pressure water blasting or jetting to clear blockages in drains and sewers. Silt, scale and grease builds up in these areas over time, which results in pipes getting backed up. High-pressure water jetting is an environmentally way to remove all unwanted materials because it creates no hazardous waste. Industrial vacuuming is another technique used to clear drains and sewers.

2. Tank services with high pressure water blasting

Factory, laboratory, septic and other tanks require cleaning or new coatings. Our tank services are some of the best in Australia. Surface preparation is essential in these instances. Using high pressure water blasting will efficiently remove the top layer of unwanted material without causing any damage to the lower surfaces. No solvents are required to adequately clean a surface, so there is little chance of tank contamination occurring through these tank services. If a tank has begun to develop cracks that require repairs, high pressure water blasting can remove all the contaminants without making the cracks larger. Once the top layer has been removed, tanks can be re-coated or re-concreted with ease. The industrial services offered by Aqua Prep will meet all tank cleaning needs for any industry.

3. High pressure water blasting for line processing and descaling purposes

Descaling is the process of remove unwanted impurities on the surface of newly manufactured metal products. The most common material is iron oxide. High-pressure water blasting is the best method for cleaning all surfaces in a product line. It is minimally invasive, won’t damage the newly formed product and creates little to no hazardous waste. Continuous casting and rolling process can be set up with a high-pressure water blasting system to ensure descaling can be done as part of the manufacturing process. Aqua Prep has advanced industrial services that can assist with any cleaning or surface preparation needs.

4. Industrial filter cleaning with high pressure water blasting

The filters in large industrial structures require consist cleaning to clear away all the unwanted contaminants they stop. If left dirty, the filters won’t work effectively. High pressure water blasting is the best method for filter cleaning as it can remove all contaminants from even the smallest sieves. High pressure water blasting doesn’t create any vibrations, so won’t damage the filters being cleaned or the surrounding areas.

Advantages of high pressure water blasting for industrial and tank service

There are many advantages to using high-pressure water blasting for industrial services.

  • It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, leaving very little hazardous waste behind.
  • It can be used in any industry from municipal and shipping to manufacturing and construction.
  • High-pressure water blasting doesn’t create any vibrations or oscillations, so the surrounding surface aren’t damaged.
  • It saves time as the whole process is four time faster than traditional industrial cleaning services.


Trust Aqua Prep’s Industrial services and tank services

Aqua Prep’s industrial services and tank services are advanced and effective. We have been serving the Australian market for more than five years with a proven track record of high pressure water blasting excellence. Whatever cleaning you need, our high pressure water blasting equipment can get the job done. Our team are happy to chat with you about the industrial services we have on offer.