Hydro Demolition (Concrete Demolition)

Hydrodemolition is also known as hydro demolition, hydro blasting, and waterjetting or water jetting. Hydro demolition is the ideal concrete removal technique that uses high-pressure water (Water Jetting) to demolish or remove concrete structures. Hydro demolition is also used to remove as asphalt and grout. The primary purpose for Hydro Demolition is surface restoration and structure protection. In cases where concrete structures have deteriorated or the internal reinforcing steel structures have begun to corrode, it is necessary to remove any unsound concrete and reinforcing bars (rebar) in order to replace it with new concrete and maintain the integrity of the structure. Hydro Demolition is also used to remove any concrete structures, including sound concrete structures, where vibration is a concern. This is because Hydro Demolition can accurately remove concrete structures accurately and without compromising surrounding structures or causing micro fractures to adjacent surfaces.

Hydro-demolitions was first developed in Europe and has grown as the most effective controlled concrete removal method all over the world. High Pressure Water Jetting has been used in Australia for over 20 years.


Hydro Demolition is the most recognised as the ideal method for a number of concrete correction, repair and removal techniques. This method relies on the use of High Pressure ‘Water Jetting’ using advanced Water jets. Water Jetting Equipment are designed specifically to deliver jetting at high pressure levels and vary in operation from hand held, frame mounted or advanced hydro-demolition robotic machines operated with computers. Selecting the application technique depends on the size of the project, the target water jetting area, surrounds and the nature of the project. Hydro-Demolition can be used to remove entire concrete structures, partial concrete structures or surface preparation and scabbling.


Hydro-Demolition is used for concrete repairs and concrete removal in varying environments, surfaces and structures. Hydrodemolition or High Pressure Water Jetting is the most effective method for removal of entire concrete structures where complete concrete removal is required. This method can also be used to remove parts of concrete structures accurately and effectively and without damaging surrounding areas. This is because hydro-demolition is vibration free and does not cause micro-fractures to the surrounding concrete structures. Other purposes for using high pressure water jetting include preparation including ‘Surface Sacrification’ or ‘Scabbling’ as well as preparation and correction of surfaces on ships, tanks..etc.


  • Faster than other concrete removal methods.
  • Accurate and provides concrete removal of the targeted area only.
  • Safe to surrounding surfaces as it does not affect surrounding concrete structures.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Produces minimal noise.
  • Cleans internal structures and re-enforcing steel bars.
  • Prepares the targeted concrete surface for better re-concreting.
  • Eliminates debris, dust and other contaminants.