Transport crane & truck

Transport Crane and Truck Hire in Melbourne

Whether you need to move abnormally large loads, equipment or containers, Aqua Prep can assist. We have transport cane trucks that can assist with any job our clients require in the Melbourne area. We always ensure our fleet of trucks is fully serviced and running at optimum efficiency. At Aqua Prep, we believe in providing our clients with affordable rates to ease the stress associated with moving extremely large loads. We also hire out cranes to assist with loading any item onto a transport truck. Our 4-wheel drive (4wd) crane truck can easily navigate any surface. We have assisted clients in the construction, manufacturing, shipping, municipal and technological industries with our transport crane truck hire in Melbourne. We have a full range of transportation trucks that can be extended to the desired size. We offer crane truck hire services to the Melbourne area.

Types of crane transport trucks for hire

There are many different crane transport trucks that are used for various jobs. The type and size of load that you need moved will determine which crane transport truck is best for you. Aqua Prep has a team of experts who can assist you with making the right choice when hiring a crane transportation truck in Melbourne. Our cranes are remote-operated.

1. Pick and carry crane transportation trucks

We have pick and carry cranes as well as slewing cranes. Pick up and carry cranes are strong, so you can pick up heavy loads. They are easy to maneuverer on unsteady surface and can easily navigate through tight spaces. Pick and carry crane transportation trucks can reach higher speeds reaching job sites quickly. The articulated frames usually require no outrigger, which means you can start moving items immediately. Pick and carry transport cranes can be all-terrain or rough terrain. They can operate in any weather allowing you to complete any job at any time. Aqua Prep has a range of 4wd cranes to assist with any moving project in the Melbourne area.

2. Slewing cranes

Slewing cranes are able to turn 360 degrees while operating and movie various materials and equipment. These are most commonly used in construction and rigs out at sea. They can typically lift higher loads than pick and carry cranes. Slewing cranes are usually stationary remaining in a single place until the job has been completed, like when constructing a new structure. Slewing canes can also be attached to transport trucks for jobs that require a transportation crane for shorter periods or once-off jobs. These cranes are easy to maneuverer and increase productivity.

Contact Aqua Prep to solve your Transport Crane Truck Hire needs

Aqua Prep has a range of transport crane trucks in Melbourne. Our expert drivers will assist with any moving job from machinery and equipment transportation to construction debris removal. We have over five years of experience in the crane transport industry. Our 4wd crane trucks are regularly serviced to ensure our clients receive the highest quality services at the best price. Contact our experts today for more information on how we can help you.