Aqua Prep

High Pressure Water Jetting is a proven method for concrete demolition, and repair, surface preparations and industrial coatings, as well as a variety of other industrial and commercial uses.

Aqua Prep is one of the most sought after companies that provide this service. A proud Australian bound company, established in 2012, who offers this safe and fast method to get the job done more efficiently.

AquaPrep uses the latest technology in high pressure water jetting equipment , along with the most advanced robotic equipment. We can access the most challenging locations, reduce operator fatigue while improving customer satisfaction with higher production rates.

The use of a high pressure water jetying is an efficient method of surface preparation that is safe for the environment.

The company is driven towards developing the best high water pressure jetting methods, and enhancing their equipment for superior results, this has won them a frontrunner position in the 2015 WorkSafe Victoria Awards.

Aqua Prep now sports their latest innovation, the New Aqua Cutter 410 Evolution which complements the 710 evolution, putting the company on the map as Australia’s most ground-breaking high pressure water jetting contractor.

Some of the Exceptional Services that They Offer

HydroDemolition (Concrete Demolition)

Hydrodemolition which can also be referred to as hydro demolition, or water jetting is basically the demolition of concrete by using a high pressure water to demolish concrete, asphalt or grout.

Hydro Demolition is now used extensively in the cconstruction and marine, water and waste water industries.

Many road and rail infrastructure projescts use Hydo demolition to expose steel reinforcing to enable stitch welding to widen and or strengthen bridges, its used to expose reinforcing within secant piles and to remove the defective concrete

Hydro Demolition is regulary specified by assett owners as the non selective removal of concrete using hyigh pressure water creates no micro craicking or vibration throught the rest of the structure.

Aqua Prep is one of the leading hydro demolition contractors in Australia, using this method developed in Europe, that has been popular in Australia for over 20 years now.

  • Techniques Used

High pressure water is used by means of water jetting equipment designed uniquely to provide jetting at high pressure levels to remove concrete structures.

The equipment operation methods ranges from, handheld, to frame mounted, to a much more advanced hydro-demolition robotic machine, that is operated with a computer.

  • Physical Applications

Whether you need complete concrete structures removed, or just parts of concrete structures, the Hydrodemolition method that Aqua Prep makes use of is the mostaccurate and effective method that you will find.

A few other functions which surround high pressure water jetting and high pressure water cleaning are for surface scarification, scabbling and the preparation and correction of other surfaces, for example, on ships and tanks.

  • Advantages of Hydro Demolition

There are quite a few advantages to Hydro- Demolition;

  1. It is faster than conventional concrete removal methods.
  2. It is much more accurate in only removing concrete from the targeted area, protecting the rest of the structure.
  3. This method does not cause any harm to the environment.
  4. The noise levels are marginal.
  5. The steel reinforcing bars are cleaned to a class 2.5 standard by default removing soluble salts and corrosion.
  6. Your targeted concrete surface area will be well prepared for re-concreting.
  7. Lastly, this procedure also eliminates excessive dust (Silica), debris, and other contaminants that are common with conventional methods.


Projects Done by Aqua Prep using Hydro demolition techniques;


Swanson Dock 

Port Bonython Mooring Dolphins 

Appleton Dock Berths 

Crib Point Jetty 

Kooragang Island 

Sheperd’s Bridge 

Victoria Dock 

EJ Whiiten Bridge

Bolte Bridge

M5 Motorway

Sydney Light Rail

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation is a process that uses the most advanced waterjet technologies to cleanaway and removes coatings and rust from a large range of surfaces, as well as preparing these surfaces for reconstruction or renewal. Types of surfaces can include tanks, bridges, steel, and concrete surfaces, marine vessels, and many other. The progressive robot technologies used to set up the high pressure water cleaner jets ensures that only targeted areas are cleaned by the blasting.

A few of their surface preparation projects;

Tasman Bridge 

Advertising Signage 

High Pressure Water Jetting

AquaPrep is an expert when it comes to using high pressure water in high pressure water jetting techniques for a variety of demolition, cleaning and removal challenges.

Sporting a range of hitech pumps and equipment, that is able to carry out tasks from 4,000psi up to 40,000psi, they are also a proud member of the Australian High Pressure Water Jetting Association.

The Northern Drop Structure is one of Aqua Prep’s projects using the High Pressure Water Jetting method.


Industrial Coating

Aqua Prep can provide you with a custom-made high pressure water jetting package, with the capability of cleaning a variety of surfaces such as membranes, urethane, and rubber, amongst others, whatever your requirement may be.

The Ultra High water pressure ensures a clean surface, even back to the original white metal, which enables you to achieve the perfect paint, coating, or Epoxy Paint removal.

The Melbourne Water Tank is an Industrial Coating removal project done by Aqua Prep.


A method called Scabbling is used using high pressure water to penetrate deeply underneath the cracked or damaged concrete, lifting the top layer for better concrete demolition.

The Tasman Bridge, is an example of Scabbling done by the company.


Welding and Steel Replacement

As with any concrete repairing project, it is vital to replace and maintain the steel structures. Aqua Prep offers services in Steel replacement as a part of their added extra services.

An Expansion and Joint removal project were done on Bolte Bridge.

Cold Cutting

Cold Cutting is is an ultra high pressure water blasting procedure, that can be used in environments such as sewers, petrochemical plants and even under water. This method is especially known for its safety in the presence of chemicals and explosives as well as its cost-effectiveness.

Aqua Prep specializes in working at, heights, with volatiles gasses, and flammable materials, where a cold out saw, or cold cutting is a safer substitute to hot cutting.

The Northern Drop Structureis also involved with Cold Cutting performed by Aqua Prep.

Anode Installation and Cathodic Protection

Aqua Prep has extensive experience with the installation of discrete anodes, Cathodic protection, as well as the DuoGuard Hybrid System. They offer clients a safe and cost-effective way of maintaining, and protecting steel and concrete structures against corrosion and deterioration.

Two notable projects done are;

The Tasman Bridge

The Crib Point Jetty

Crane and Truck Transporting

Yet another superior service that aqua prep provides.

The company offers a 4wd Crane Truck Hire, and a Dial Before You Dig service to customers for a range of civil engineering and material transportation projects.

Another superior service offered is Vacuum excavation with their hitech vacuum truck.

The Crane Truck Hire in Melbourne is an example of one of their exceptional truck hire opportunities.


Other Industrial Services

High pressure water blasting canbe used for other applications such as, tank cleaning, line cleaning, descaling, mowing and vacuum retrieval as well as non-destructive digging, or (NDD).

The Water Blaster makes the perfect water jet cleaner, for a variety of surfaces, because of its accuracy and safety features.

The main advantage ofhigh pressure Water Jetting, is that the water jet does not cause any damage to the substrate, the environment or the water jet outer area, it also minimizes dust and debris.

High Pressure Water Blasting was an alternative method executed at the Noosa Marina by Aqua Prep.


Why is AquaPrep the BestChoice in High Pressure Water Services?

Much Higher Production Capacity

Hydro demolition is one of the fastest concrete removals, and surface preparation methods, meaning projects can be completed sooner and more efficiently.

Safer and More Advanced

The highly advanced robotic equipment ensures that operators are safe and that n damage are caused to property. In the case of volatile and flammable substances high water pressure jetting is also the safest option.

Diversity, Meticulousness and Accuracy

The high pressure water jets are able to reach hard to reach locations, and difficult work areas, with supreme precision and accuracy.

Safe for the Environment

Hydrodemolition and water jetting causes the least dust and debris, and hardly any damage to the environment, because it is not a pollutant it also protects the surrounding environment.

Internal Structure Conservancy

Internal structures and steel reinforcing can be properly cleaned, and concrete removed without any damage to these structures, or their integrity.

Preservation of Neighbouring Constructions

Because of its accuracy and low vibration hydro demolition and high water pressure jetting will not have any effect on neighboring concrete structures.

Specific and Flexible

The Hydrodemolition and Surface Preparation techniques that Aqua Prep uses, only removes the targeted area’s damaged, and depreciated concrete, without causing damage to surrounding structures.

Some of the Hitech Resources and Equipment used by AquaPrep

  • The Aqua Cutter and Hydro Demolition Robot
  • The Vector Vacuum Loader
  • The Spider Jet
  • The Scabbling Head
  • Pumps
  • The Parapet Beam
  • The Circle Cutter
  • The Aqua Spine

In Conclusion

Aqua prep is one of the most advanced and popular High Water Pressure Jetting companies in Australia, which also offer a range of other superior services in their field.


It is simple, they use advanced technology that gets adapted and improved in order to suit any application in the fasted and most effective way. Their staff are well trained, experienced and dedicated to their work to find the best solutions for every client’s specific requirements, with their services locating all over Australia.

The equipment used by Aqua Prep undergoes regular services and maintenance to ensure that they are reliable and safe for operation.

Aqua prep stands for Innovation and reliability, their methods are safe and effective, and will not cost you an arm or a leg! You can contact them for a tax-free quote today!